discussions section for ODbgExt ideas!

Apr 29, 2008 at 6:01 PM
Things we would like to include:

• A Graphical representation of Kernel, and User mode execution time by process and thread, while correlating to idle / non ideal time
• A Graphical representation of idle time for kernel and user mode.
• A Graphical representation of pool resources used on a per process bases along with handle table counts.
• Hang detection, scanning for various conditions that could cause hangs in a system or user mode process.
• Detailed system information such as oldest, and newest binaries.
• Binary info based on vendor name
• A better dissembler that colorizes calls, jumps and indents to show code flow
• Extensive use of DML (Debugger Mark-up Language), To enable more point and click debugging within windbg.
• Support for a SQL Database backend to allow storing information about debugging sessions or binaries in a SQL Database.
• Warnings when critical thresholds are exceeded such as handle counts over 10,000, Low PTE Conditions, etc.
• Simplified searching for pool tags in binaries.
• Support for VBA for Windbg
• Dump annotation, via dump streaming, The ability to embed data into a dump via the debugger extension and later retrieve it. (Imagine embedded debug notes)
• Embedding a snapshot of performance data in the dump at the time the dump is taken, ie. CPU, IO etc.

Please feel free to suggest more items for this list.